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Jerrolynn De Leon Cauayani, L.Ac

Hi there! Thanks for dropping by.

So where to even begin?? 

From a very young age I was intrigued by the human body & all of its intricate movement. I was constantly bouncing around from fitness class to work out class, just looking to quench my thirst for motion. Water aerobics, Tahitian, belly dance, Afro-Haitian, Afro-Brazilian, aerial silks, spin, TRX, pole; you name it, I most likely have done it. With my obvious passion for fitness & exercise, I got certified & gained experience as a yoga, barre, Pilates instructor & personal trainer. Always eager to learn new ways of teaching, styles of exercise, as well as updates on the newest techniques & equipment.

My intense fascination with the human body did not end in the years to come. During my undergrad, I studied biology with a focus on human anatomy, physiology & exercise science at the University of California, Santa Cruz. While amongst the mountains & chaos of waves, I was able to get deeply connected to myself, beyond this physical plane. Realizing I was a functioning unit in a much bigger picture, I began exploring & creating my own rituals. 

Straight out of college, I became a birth doula with dreams of becoming an international midwife. For a few years, I worked with young mamas in creating their birth plans, coaching their families, prepping for labor, as well as reminding them to take care of & connect with their bodies. Absolutely in love with the birth world, my young 20-something year old self just knew that being on-call was not for me. 

Then that’s when acupuncture came knocking on the door. Honored & fascinated to have witnessed a very close client surpass her labor induction with a little nudge from the ancient medicine, I knew that Traditional Chinese Medicine was the next leg of my journey. 

Beyond excited, I was enrolled at American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine of San Francisco the following summer. During the course of my program I was fortunate to learn from & intern under some truly magical wizards (all L.Acs + more acronyms): Hal Malmud, Danny Geren , Susan HoussandDennis Von Elgg, Chris Randle, just to name a few. Three years later I’ve completed my masters from Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine College of Berkeley, conquered the California license exam, keys to my business on my 28th revolution around the sun & now sit on my laptop to write this letter to you. 

With a vision of empowering people to take the reins of their healing journey, I present to you 12ITU//L. A place for you to discover, explore & create your very own.

I am thrilled & thankful to be able to share this ancient wisdom & knowledge with you. 

Enough about me, click down below to tell me about you. 

Forever grateful,

Jerrolynn Rose De Leon Cauayani, L.Ac

Founder of 12ITU//L

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