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Currently not taking any clients. Sorry for the inconvenience. Will update the site upon my return

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See you all when I get back<3

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12ITU//L   //   RITUAL


A deeply committed and sincere ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order.

For centuries, people of different communities have been using wellness rituals for the prevention & healing of illnesses.

They help you relax your body & mind.

Rituals are a reminder for people that life is way beyond just material goals & objectives. It is a celebration.

A prompt to enjoy every moment with intention. A cue to remain healthy & content with what you have.

It provides us with the means & ways of living life to the fullest.

Reap the Unlimited Benefits of Restoration & Preventive Rituals

Rituals from Traditional Chinese Medicine have been clinically proven to improve one’s overall physical & mental health.

Incorporating these small sacred ceremonies in our mundane lives, we are cultivating a suffusing sense of inner balance & overall wellness.

Different therapeutic treatments & healing procedures help enhance mental concentration, minimize feelings of depression, stress & anxiety. Rituals allow you to feel happier & fulfilled.

Enabling your physical strength to grow while eliminating frustrating toxins from your body, health & wellness rituals reap unlimited benefits for your body and mind.

12itual – Holistic Rituals

12 is not just a number, it is a numeric symbol of nature’s several essential elements.

12 Channels in the Body

12 Hours of the Day

12 Months of the Year

We combine the power of 12 with Chinese Medical rituals & help you connect with your body, mind & soul.

Indulge Every Day // Every Moment

12ITU//L does not heal people, but rather provides them with information, guidance, treatment & encouragement so they can achieve their own healing.

We strive to educate & enlighten people with the knowledge of the principles & philosophy of Chinese Medicine, practicing its many rituals.

​12ITU//L empowers people to discover & create their own rituals. 

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After diagnosed with osteoporosis, I came to Jerrolynn in hopes of finding relief with herbal therapy. With her extensive questioning, Jerrolynn exudes compassion and kindness that most practitioners lack. In her care the last several months, I have experienced relief from my chronic sleep and digestive issues. Jerrolynn has helped me gain knowledge, self-awareness and appreciation through Eastern medicine.

Maria S.

Before coming to Jerrolynn I had never received any form of acupuncture and was very nervous about the whole thing. She did a great job in explaining the treatment and reasoning, which helped calm down my nerves. Providing a variety of treatment which includes cupping, acupuncture and massage therapy, she does an amazing job in helping those who live a very active lifestyle recover from their everyday soreness.

Anthony D.

Jerrolynn has been an amazing resource of healing and ease these past few months, and I leave her treatment room floating! Her acupuncture and herb care has made a significant improvement in my well-being and my energy levels, and I'm so grateful. My sessions with her are one of the highlights of my week, and I'm excited to continue working with her!!

Maya J.

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Harmonizes the body by manipulating specific points with the insertion of tiny needles


Facilitates healing by warming and tonifying the body, invigorating/ regulating blood, stimulating Qi, tonifying, and preventing stagnation

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Stimulates two adjacent points with an electrical current to deepen the effects of acupuncture


Utilizes suction cups on the skin to promote circulation and helps to release toxins deep within the body



Nourishes and supports the body using various substances with medicinal properties- plants, minerals, animal/insect parts, fungi

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